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Precious metals

An ounce gold and silver are traded with competitive average spreads on the market.

Precious metals such as gold and silver are often regarded as ultimate safe havens during periods of market turmoil. So that, many experienced investors hold at least some precious metals as part of the portfolio.

Advantages of trading gold
Advantages of trading gold
High leverage

WA GROUP offers three kinds of leverage for flexible option and the leverage of spot silver is as high as 200 times.

Low trading cost

The cost of trading spot silver in WA GROUP is as low as USD 1.29/kg

Low threshold

The minimum trading margin for spot silver trading in WA GROUP is as low as USD 10.

Advantages of trading sliver
Achieve gold and silver trading by one account

WA GROUP can provide both silver and gold trading, rendering more independent choices for investors.

Follow masters' move

WA GROUP provides advanced and creative full-automatic order following system and gathers numerous investment masters with great profit-making capabilities. The investors have the ability to gain the earnings of the same proportion with the masters through following them. Masters can also gain more earnings through increasing their followers continuously.

Advantages of trading sliver

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