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Company profile

OFFX is a top and diversified forex broker and financial service provider.

WA GROUP headquarters in the United States, with branches in Austria, Britain, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.WA GROUP’s operation is regulated strictly by NFA with license No. 0511024.

Strength qualification:

Since its establishment, WA GROUP has provided execution, liquidation, maintenance and other services and technology products so far for more than 80 thousand retail customers and institutional investors in more than 100 countries, with assets of more than 1 billion and 500 million U.S. dollars.

The greatest asset of the company is a professional knowledge and service experience. As the international mainstream financial services, WA GROUP is also involved in the global high-end real estate development, sales promotion, education and training, overseas insurance, asset management and other diversified industrial chain.

Under the trend of economic globalization, WA GROUP is involved in the market of private equity, fixed income, commodities and other institutions, including the investor relations: pension plan between the company and the government, fund, monetary fund, investment companies, commercial / private banking, asset management, private equity firms and so on.

Idea and development:

Our team members are mainly from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other famous Wall Street financial institutions, and have owned reputation in the securities, asset management, credit services and other industries.With the improving financial market operation system, our professional managers have extraordinary performance in different fields.

WA GROUP's ability to assist in trading / investment is based on more than 25 years' experience in the international financial services.

WA GROUP is committed to providing transparent pricing and quality trading tools for foreign exchange, CFD, precious metals, index products, as well as unique market views and educational resources for individual and institutional investors in the worldwide. As an international top financial service provider, it is our duty and mission to provide a good trading environment for our clients.

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